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Tis’ the Season to be Married

Happy 2016 friends!

New year and new starts! I don’t know about you, but with the holidays came LOTS of sparkly diamond rings on my newsfeed. Tons of people are engaged and in full on planning mode! If you are one of those couples…CONGRATS! Welcome to the most exciting time of your life. With us being on the verge of wedding season, I thought a blog about one of the most fun wedding trends would be appropriate…modern calligraphy.

If you are even remotely into Pinterest you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s everywhere and it is one of the single embellishments that can change a wedding from basic to extravagant. I wanted to share a couple of go-to calligraphy items that will up your wedding game and transform your decor

ScriptedLove-042-ZF-4825-77893-1-001-0491.  Hand addressed envelopes

The invitation is the very first thing that your guests will see that will set the “mood” for your wedding. The invitation is where people determine if the event is formal or casual, classic or trendy, simple or extravagant. The simple act of hand addressing or hiri
ng someone to hand address your invitations changes everything.

2. Place cards/assigned seating 

There’s something about having a special spot that is all their’s that gets your guests excited. It certainly “up’s the ante” of your event. It will take extra time to plan this, but it is something that will not go unnoticed. Hiring a professional calligrapher to create your perfect place card will spruce up your table and add character

IMG_38353. Making normal decorations–scripted decorations

This is something so simple that can be incorporated. For instance, take your dinner menu, bar menu, or other fun signs and add a scripted font instead of normal print. This wi
ll create an eye catcher for your guests and will give them
small details that they can admire.


Adding these three elegant touches to your special day will leave your guests in awe of your attention to detail and will enhance your wedding day decor. Have fun with all three of these elements–your guests will appreciate them!



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