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A Resolution Worth Keeping

Well, it’s that time of year again where we reflect on the past 365 days and plan for the next. We sit and ponder on what changes we want to make, new starts we want to pursue, and new dreams we want to chase. Unfortunately, most resolutions don’t make it past the passing of the bowl of black eyed peas on New Years Day (did anyone else grow up eating these only once a year? Ick..)! We all know the “usual” resolutions that typically make the top of the list…lose weight, be less stressed, learn something new. But this year I have a new numero uno on the resolution list…be more intentional.

Don’t get me wrong, lose the extra Christmas cookies I put on the waistline and refuse to let stress steer my days are certainly on the list, but at the end of the day those things only directly impact me. I want to impact others. Being intentional is something that certainly has been lost with the turning of each new year..year after year. So I have decided to chose to impact others. Here is my list of intentional actions I want to add to my weekly planner:

  1. Hand write letters to loved ones I don’t see or talk to often
  2. Start friendly conversations with someone I don’t know
  3. Go deep with friends over coffee
  4. Write love notes to my husband
  5. Call my family to just catch up

My goal is that with each intentional act, I would leave a little joy in someone else’s life other than my own.

Wherever this NYE finds you, I hope it’s amongst good company and a bottle of bubbly. Make 2016 a year worth reflecting on!

Hugs & Cheers!


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