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Mr. Darcy…and chocolate

Well it’s February 10th and we all know what the means…Valentine’s Day is 4 days away. I (oddly) love the whirlwind of reactions people have towards V-day. You bring it up to some people and they give you a look that basically resembles 100 daggers flying at 200 mph at you through the air (not a dramatization). And there is that group of people that can’t wait till February 15th because all chocolate goes on deep discount. And let’s not forget the couple that throws this around..”we just aren’t a Valentines-ey couple. We don’t need one day to tell each other we love the other..that’s every day”. THEN, there’s the group of people that just can’t wait to tell you about their love day plans and the sweet treasures they bought their honey. Trust me, I have literally fallen under every single category. No joke. And there might have even been one year that I was all four as the countdown to the dreaded Feb. 14th ticked away…haha.

This year I happen to find myself completely bewitched–mind, body and soul (anyone who hasn’t read Pride & Prejudice [and shame on you] just rolled their eyes, but for my fellow Jane Austen fanatics I know you’re catching what I’m putting down lol). This year I’m in awe of the love I have found myself in. Yes, I’m a newlywed–and yes this is my first time to completely embrace the whole Valentines “jazz”. But this Valentine’s season I am reminded daily of the bliss I have found myself in (hang in there dagger throwers and discount chocolate buyers).

I could write a list right here of all the things I adore about my husband, but I’m afraid I would lose all my readers cause the list would be far too long. But just to give you a glimpse of who he is– about 6 and a half months ago–in the midst of the wedding planning tornado–my now husband dropped a bomb of a crazy idea on the table. He sat in front of me at one of our most favorite Italian hideaways and casually said “hey what do you think about after we get married you quitting your full time job and chasing your dream of calligraphy and hand lettering?”. I laughed.. he can’t be serious. But he was. The guy of my dreams just tossed me a homer of a pitch and I couldn’t help but swing as I fell just a little bit more into a love I didn’t know could go deeper. And today here I am, in the starting levels of owning my own calligraphy business and chasing my passion every morning as I miss out on a 30 mile commute and a business professional wardrobe.

So by now you see that this is not a post that gives tips on calligraphy or supplies, but a mushy post opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up on to brag on my Valentine–a guy that desires to give me my passions and dreams and does everything in his power to do so.

So Happy Valentine’s to you–whichever category you find yourself in come Sunday, and cheers to the search of finding your Mr. Darcy.



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