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Lost Art of Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love receiving a decorative piece of snail mail? There is nothing better than the feeling of opening your mail box and finding an unexpected nugget–a beautiful letter written to YOU! Or maybe it’s just us “card nerds”…regardless, it’s great. From one “card nerd” to my other fellow “card nerds” I wanted to share my snail mail favorites and must haves that I use when sending out beloved notes and cards.

IMG_3717Sending snail mail can be expensive if you don’t know where to find the perfect steals on cute cards and supplies. Biggest tip: TARGET DOLLAR ISLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! This is the place where I buy nearly all of my snail mail favorites. Most of the cards pictured above are from the Target dollar isle, AKA the only place in the world you can buy 8 adorable cards and envelopes for $1. I also find many of my pens and embellishments there. The gold and white pen pictured below were both bought on the dollar isle and they add so much to a “blah envelope”. Secondly, washi tape is the coolest thing ever! And it’s the perfect little bit of pizazz to any envelope. You can find the rest of my favorites below. 🙂

Always have fun with your snail mail! Receiving an encouraging letter or note from someone can change my day, so I always keep that in mind when writing my letter and addressing the envelopes! Remember that the front of the letter is what builds the anticipation of what is inside so go crazy and have fun addressing them.

FullSizeRenderThere are no rules with snail mail! Go all out–the crazier the better. You never know who’s day your could turn around with a little encouragement tucked in a mail box!

Merry Christmas!




  1. Twin Tip Sharpie
  2. Gold Metallic Marker
  3. White Paint Pen
  4. TomBow Dual Tip Brush Pen
  5. Washi Tape
  6. Cute “Just Because” Cards


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