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My Favorite Writing Supplies

Happy Friday!

Writers block has been my enemy this week. There is no amount of coffee and quietness that can defeat a cuddly puppy (the cutest puppy I might add) and an empty brain. So I turned to what I know best…calligraphy (duh Jessica!). The most asked question that I get is “what are you favorite supplies to do hand lettering and calligraphy?” so I thought I would share my “not-so-secrets” with you guys! Below you will find all of my favorite supplies from number 2 pencils to calligraphy nibs and inks and where to buy them (click on the item title). Happy hand lettering!


FullSizeRender-1Markers are a staple for me in hand lettering. I honestly probably use them daily. The Oil Based Sharpie is the best marker to use on unique surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plastic, etc. With it being oil based (and a Sharpie) it’s permanent and will not rub off easily if at all. Also works great on paper and cardstock! The Tombow Dual Brush Pen is an absolute must have! There are a JILLION color options and have brilliant color on paper. Last, but certainly not least is the Metallic Marker (in gold of course…#swoon). Looks remarkable on anything black and also shimmers on normal white paper. It will add the perfect glitzy touch to any project!


Pencils…& Stuff


There is nothing like a newly sharpened No. 2 Pencil..and I pretty much couldn’t do my job without them. As much as I would like to tell you that I’m good enough to free hand with permanent ink…false. I do most of my projects with pencils first then go over with ink. Second is THE Tomboy Sand Eraser. This tool is magic! Not only does it do wonders erasing pencil underneath calligraphy ink, but it also erases ball point pen ink and most marker inks. Lastly, Various Size Paint Brushes are a great thing to have on hand for letting and added embellishments.



Nibs, Ink, & Holders

FullSizeRender-4And now the real goodies…calligraphy candy! This is a very small list compared to ALL of the calligraphy supplies out there, but these are my favorites that I have discovered! Here is my favorite nib..the Brause EF66. In my opinion it makes the perfect thin and thick lines. It’s my go to! Here are two others that I recently just tried out and liked too.. the Hunt 513EF and the Brause #29 FE Index (it looks like a little index finger pointing lol). Ink is probably my biggest addiction. I love buying and mixing new ones. The Dr. Ph. Martin Copper Plate Gold is my absolute favorite ink out there right now. I’m a gold freak and this color is brilliant and sparkly and all things fantastic..haha! If you are looking to mix your own inks and this Winsor & Newton Gouache set is exactly what you need! Mix these beauties with a little water and gum arabic and you will have the most brilliant colors! Lastly, is your pen holder. My favorite pen holder is an oblique pen holder. This will work best for you right-handers! Now you for left-handers or you adventurous right-handers (like me!) try out this straight pen holder.

Hope my list of favorite supplies helps you get started and get writing!


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